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$800 Million in Lottery Prizes Unclaimed in 2011!

$800 Million in 2011 Lottery Prizes went Unclaimed!!! Don't let this be YOU!

$800 Million in 2011 Lottery Prizes went Unclaimed!!!

Don’t let this be YOU! ¬†Use Lottotopia to manage your lottery tickets and check your numbers!

Lottotopia highlights your matching numbers in green! I matched 3 numbers yesterday, I hope you did better!

Lottotopia highlights your matching numbers in green!
I matched 3 numbers yesterday, I hope you did better!

On November 22nd, 2013, a Winning $16.6 Million Powerball Ticket Expired!!!

On November 22nd, someone in the Tampa Florida area let a winning $16.6 Million dollar Powerball ticket expire! Don’t let your hopes and dreams expire!

What if you played next Tuesday’s Mega Millions game with a chance to win $550 Million, and then got busy and forgot to check your tickets?


Lottotopia’s Tickets and Results Screen

It happens all of the time. People get busy and forget to check their tickets. Don’t let it happen to you! – THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT!

Lottotopia is an app for Android and iPhone that lets you manage your tickets.

Tap in your numbers

Tap in your numbers

You tap your numbers in, and tell Lottotopia how many drawings you want to play them for.

Or have Lottotopia pick random numbers for you, just shake your device, then all you have to do is buy your ticket!

Lottotopia watches for the results and automatically highlights any matching numbers making it easy to see if you won.

Lottotopia’s ticket management features makes it easy for you edit your numbers and reuse them for future drawings. Perfect for buying a lottery subscription to play your favorite numbers every week, because you can’t win if you forget to play.

Choose your games

Choose your games

Just tell Lottotopia which lottery games you play and it will keep you informed of the latest lottery drawing results and jackpots.

Game information

Game information

Lottotopia can tell you how much time remains before the next lotto drawing, and usually how large the jackpot has grown.

Game Information

Game Information

Lottotopia even provides a count down timer showing how many days, hours minutes and seconds remain before the next lottery drawing.

Ticket Details

Ticket Details

When a Lottery drawing starts, Lottotopia automatically starts looking for the results and updates its display as soon as the lotto results are in! There is no-need to hit a refresh button over-and-over.

If your lottery ticket app isn’t working as well as you hoped, give Lottotopia’s easy lotto ticket number entry and lottery ticket checking a try.
See A Demonstration Video

Tickets and Results

Tickets and Results

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